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Custom Military Medals Manufacture

We are a leading custom medals manufacturer based in China, specializing in creating kinds of medals that are perfect for various usage.

With our extensive range of medallions and customization options, we provide the ideal solution to your patch needs while ensuring excellent craftsmanship and customer satisfaction.

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Custom Military Medals Gallery

We produce all kinds of Custom Military Medals to meet your needs and budgets.

  • Custom Design
  • MOQ:100PCS/Design
  • Good Quality Assurance
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Customize Your Own Medal Now

lapel pins plating color options

Plating Color Options

  • Gold  (popular)
  • Nickel (popular)
  • Copper
  • Dye Black (popular)
  • More…
medal hanging hole option

Medal Hanging Holes Options

Choose from the hanging holes options. 


Any custom hanging hole is welcome.

Custom Military Ribbon 230

Choose Military Ribbons

We offer all kinds of military ribbons to meet your needs.

What are Military Medals Used For?

  • Special military events
  • Military balls
  • Veterans Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Armed Forces Day
  • Parades
  • Weddings and other
  • celebratory occassion
  • Shadow boxes

What are custom medals made of?

Custom medals can be made from various materials depending on the desired design and purpose.

The raw material is zinc alloy or iron. 

With gold/ silver plated in the surface. 

and Enamel Painted to make the medal colorful.

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What Are Military Medals?

Military medals are prestigious awards and decorations given to military personnel in recognition of their acts of valor, bravery, service, and achievements while serving in the armed forces. These medals serve as symbols of honor, distinction, and gratitude from the respective military organizations and governments.

Military medals are used in the Army, Air Force, Marine Corps, Navy, and Coast Guard.

Creating Military Medals With Pinsfun

At Pinsfun, we understand the importance of creating memorable medals that truly stand out. Here, you can add additional flair to your medals by attaching various accessories such as custom pins, ribbons, or lanyards. These options allow you to enhance the visual appeal and uniqueness of your sports medals, making them even more desirable for recipients.

We pride ourselves on delivering superior craftsmanship, using high-quality materials, and employing cutting-edge manufacturing techniques. Our medals are durable, visually stunning, and designed to leave a lasting impression on recipients. With our efficient production process and reliable shipping services, you can rest assured that your order will be delivered on time, every time.

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