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Custom Award Medals

What Are Award Medals?

Award medals are tangible symbols of recognition and achievement given to individuals or groups for various accomplishments. They are typically presented as a form of honor or tribute in fields such as sports, military service, academic excellence, or professional achievements. Award medals can come in different forms, such as circular discs with designs and engravings, ribbons attached to them, or even decorative pins.

In sports, award medals are commonly given to athletes who excel in competitions, such as the Olympic Games, World Championships, or local tournaments. These medals signify the athletes’ accomplishments and serve as a testament to their skill, dedication, and hard work.

Similarly, in the military, award medals are granted to service members for acts of bravery, valor, or outstanding performance. These medals hold great significance and are often accompanied by specific criteria and hierarchy, with different medals representing different levels of distinction.

Academic institutions and organizations may also award medals to recognize academic excellence or contributions to a particular field of study. These medals are typically bestowed upon students, researchers, or professionals who have demonstrated exceptional knowledge, research, or innovation.

The act of awarding a medal involves a formal process where individuals or committees assess and determine the recipients based on specific criteria or standards. The presentation of an award medal is often accompanied by a ceremony or event to celebrate the achievements and honor the recipients.

Overall, award medals serve as tangible reminders of achievement, recognition, and excellence in various domains, and they hold both sentimental and symbolic value for the recipients.

Custom Award Medals Gallery

We produce all kinds of Award Medals to meet your needs and budgets.

  • Custom Design
  • MOQ:100PCS/Design
  • Good Quality Assurance
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Customize Your Own Medal Now

lapel pins plating color options

Plating Color Options

  • Gold  (popular)
  • Nickel (popular)
  • Copper
  • Dye Black (popular)
  • More…
medal hanging hole option

Medal Hanging Holes Options

Choose from the hanging holes options. 


Any custom hanging hole is welcome.

Additional Upgrade Options

3D medal

3D Medals

Glow in the Dark Medals

glitter medal

Glitter Medals

Epoxy Dome Medals

Epoxy Dome Medals

cut out medal

Cut-out Medals

Custom Spinner Medals

Custom Spinner Medals

bottle opener medal

Bottle Opener Medals

rhinestone medal

Rhinestone Medals

How to Customize Your Own Medal?

Making your own medal is as easy as A B C. 

Step 1: Give us a idea/ Sketch

Step 2: Confirm Artwork

Step 3: Arrange Production

Step 4: We ship products to you.

Just send your medal sketch / design to us. we will handle the rest things. 

What are custom medals made of?

Custom medals can be made from various materials depending on the desired design and purpose.

The raw material is zinc alloy or iron. 

With gold/ silver plated in the surface. 

and Enamel Painted to make the medal colorful.

how to order

Creating Sports Medals With Pinsfun

At Pinsfun, we understand the importance of creating memorable medals that truly stand out. Here, you can add additional flair to your medals by attaching various accessories such as custom pins, ribbons, or lanyards. These options allow you to enhance the visual appeal and uniqueness of your sports medals, making them even more desirable for recipients.

We pride ourselves on delivering superior craftsmanship, using high-quality materials, and employing cutting-edge manufacturing techniques. Our medals are durable, visually stunning, and designed to leave a lasting impression on recipients. With our efficient production process and reliable shipping services, you can rest assured that your order will be delivered on time, every time.

lapel pins producing
die struck processing
plating process
epoxy process

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