Custom Law Enforcement Badges

Pinsfun is a professional manufacturer of custom badges based in China.

We aim to produce high-quality police badges, uniform badges, officer cap badges, and more custom badges.

100% Quality Assurance.

Custom Military Badges
what are Military badges

What Are Military Badges?

Military lapel pins are metal emblems worn on the uniforms or coat to show pride in military service. They are typically made of brass. come in varieties of designs, including insignia of military branches, units, ranks, and medals. They can also be customized with personalized messages or names.

With a strong safety pin on the backside to attach to uniforms.

Military lapel pins are often worn on special occasions, such as ceremonies, reunions, or public events. They are usually given as gifts or awards to military personnel and veterans as recognition for their service and sacrifice.

We Make Kinds Of Police Badges, Law Enforcement Badges

We are badge maker for all kinds of custom badges in an insignia shield shape, oval shape, and any custom shapes. Gold and Silver and antique metal finishes.

Why Us?

When you Google search for badge suppliers, you’ll encounter hundreds of options, making it challenging to decide which one to choose. Here’s why you should consider us:

Over 15 Years of Experience

We have experienced in-house designers to work out badge designs for FREE.

Rich experience in producing Blackinton badges, sheriff badges, and prop police emblems by state fast and perfectly. 

100% Good Quality

We use prior brass and zinc alloy to make metal badges, with shiny metal finishes. Never RUST, Never Fading. 

We use the BEST Brass safety pin for your badges. you can use it for a lifetime.

On-Time Delivery

We have a full production workshop in our factory, which means we can control each step well to delivery on time.

The price is NOT fixed. It mainly depends on coin size, design complexity, materials used, and quantity. 

Based on 100PCS, Price range: $5.69-$2.99/pc.


It is quite easy. 

Step 1 :Submit your design to us. we quote FREE

Step 2: We make artwork for FREE.

Step 3: Make deposit and we start production.

Police badges, law enforcement and all uniform badges are mainly made of brass with enamel painted.

Our standard turnaround is 10-15days for sample; 10-18 days for bulk production.

5-7 days for delivery.

We have been in the industry for more than 15 years. we cooperate with many trophy wholesalers, brands. we know the good standard quality is. and do 100% quality check before shipment.

We will take pictures and videos for approval before shipping. 

If there is defectives, please take pictures and videos in 7 days when you receive the orders. we will make replacement for you without any excuse.

We specialize in making military badges, blackinton badges, cop badge, insignia, sheriffs badges, volunteer firefighter badge.

We have more police badge templates to inspire you to design your unique badges.

  • Suit Uniform Lapel Pins
  • Army Pin Badges
  • Secret Service Lapel Pin
  • Marine Corps Lapel Pin
  • Anarchist lapel pins
  • Congressional lapel pin
  • Patriotic lapel pins
air force lapel pins
  • Law Enforcement lapel pins
  • Military lapel pin
  • Police lapel pins
  • Government lapel pins
  • Marine corp lapel pin
  • State lapel pins
  • Veteran lapel pin

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