Custom Company Pins

Pinsfun is a manufacturer of custom corporate pins based in China. Shipping worldwide.

We make company logos with iron or zinc alloy material, enamel painted—shiny metal finishes. 

Company logo pins are inexpensive. Good quality assurance.

Custom Corporate Pins
company logo pins

Turn Your Logo Into Enamel Pins

Corporate pins are small metal lapel pins with the company logo. When the business is at conventions or trade shows, the workers always wear corporate pin badges to show their business. It is a good way to make them impressed. 

It is also a promotional pin to fundraise. 

Company logo pins can be round, square, rectangle, or in the same shape as the logo. the size can be 0.75 inches, 1.25 inches or 1.5 inches. 

More than gold and silver plated, we can paint lapel pins with white, black, yellow, and antique colors.

To make your pins stand out. you can choose the glitter enamel or epoxy dome to make the pins stand out.

Please contact us to customize your company logo pins.

We Make Kinds Of Company Logo Lapel Pins

We make corporate pins in die struck and die casting crafts. 2D/3D designs. 

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