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Pinsfun is a leading custom chenille patches manufacturer based in China, specializing in creating personalized chenille patches that are perfect for various applications.

With our extensive range of chenille patch categories and customization options, we provide the ideal solution to your patch needs while ensuring excellent craftsmanship and customer satisfaction.


Letter Chenille Patches

Make a bold statement with chenille letter patches. These patches are commonly used to showcase initials, team names, or other custom text, adding a classic and stylish touch to jackets, uniforms, or accessories.

We produce any letters and monogram letters. 

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Chenille Bars & Chenille Chevrons

Display achievements, ranks, or positions with chevrons and bars patches. These patches are widely used in organizations such as military, police, or scouting groups to signify various levels of accomplishments or roles.

Mascots Chenille Patches

Bring your mascots to life with chenille mascot patches. Whether you’re representing a sports team, school, or organization, these patches can showcase your unique mascot design and enhance team spirit.

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Sports & Activity Chenille Patches

Celebrate your love for sports and hobbies with sports and activity patches. From football to basketball, soccer to swimming, dance to chess, we can create custom patches that highlight your favorite sports or activities.

State & Championship Patches

Commemorate significant achievements or showcase your state pride with state and championship patches. These patches are perfect for recognizing championships, state-level competitions, or special events.

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Year and Number Patches

Honor specific years or highlight player numbers with year and number patches. Whether it’s for a graduating class, team anniversary, or individual player recognition, these patches can capture important milestones.

Academic Chenille Patches

They are feature designs that symbolize scholarly achievements, such as torches, lamps, scrolls, or other academic motifs. hey are available in different shapes and designs, including circle, star, shield, or ID panel patches, there are used for sports achievements, music and fine arts accomplishments, activity participation, graduation years, state honors, and more

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Custom Letterman Patches Gallery

How to Measure for Chenille Letters and Patches?

To ensure accurate sizing, follow these steps to measure for chenille letters and patches:

When we talk about the size, we refer to the max size. if the Height is over Width, we refer to Height. On the contrary, we refer to Width.

Size is determined by measuring the chenille area from top to bottom. the overall size is around 1″ larger than the chenille area.


Chenille Patches is composed by chenille, 2 Felt layers (1 layer is fine). 


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Creating Custom Letterman Patches with Pinsfun

If you’re looking to add an extra touch of creativity and versatility to your patches, consider creating custom letterman patches with us. These patches can be designed with additional features such as Velcro backing, button loops, or magnetic attachments, allowing you to easily attach and detach them from different items. Partner with us today to create exceptional woven patches that perfectly represent your brand or personal style. Let us bring your vision to life and elevate your accessories with our premium custom patches.

Our Price Include:

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  • Free set-up
  • 8-15days Turnaround
  • Any shape up to 16″

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