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Pinsfun is a professional designer and manufacturer of custom PVC patches. We offer an extension of customization options to turn your dream design into reality. We produce PVC morale patches, PVC hat patches, funny PVC patches, and more. 

With us, your money is safe.

Custom PVC Patches Maker

Personalize High-quality PVC Patches Fast And Easy

Pinsfun has been producing PVC patches for over 15 years. We are proud to be a premium Disney Authorized PVC patches supplier. Our rubberized patches are of top quality, flexible, and durable in harsh Weather-Resistant. 

We make the correct patches that match your original design in 2D or 3D designs. and match your colors. Our PVC patches are up to 15 colors. we can turn your complicated design into perfect PVC patches.

  • High-quality Assurance

Our PVC patches are eco-friendly material, meeting CA 65 and EN71-3 standards, making them safe for kids. Each color area is distinct and has no color mixing. the edge is smooth.

  • Fast Turnaround

With complete in-house production from start to finish, Which means we can control each step effectively to ensure the products are completed on time. We accept RUSH orders without extra rushing cost.

  • Simple Order Process

Ordering PVC emblems cannot be easier. Complete the right form with your ideas, and get a FREE quote and FREE artwork. 

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What Is a Challenge Coin?

What Is A PVC Patch?

A PVC patch is a rubber patch that can be attached to clothing, backpacks, or jackets, serving the same purpose as traditional embroidery patches. PVC patch material is polyvinyl chloride, known for its durable, lightweight, waterproof, NO fading, and great strength.

custom PVC badges can be featured with custom logos and texts. which making PVC patches are popular in outdoor garments brands, sports jackets, and military gear.

What Is a Challenge Coin?

PVC Patches Are Suitable For Various Occasions.

PVC patches are suitable for a multitude of occasions and applications.

It can be used in military gear for the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marine Corps.  fireman, police, and law enforcement uniforms. 

Also, PVC patches can be created with the company logo to enhance your business awareness. many clubs and organizations created their PVC velcro patches in the events. 

In Championship League sports. PVC emblems serve as stylish team morale symbols that can be placed in hats and jackets for Girl or Boy Scouts. 

PVC patches can be used for repair, due to their soft surface durable quality, and washing advantages, they can be placed in bags, jackets, uniforms, rough, outdoor weather conditions, outdoor gear, and baggage.


PVC patches For Hats

custom vinyl patches are ideal for hats, due to their flexibility in size, thickness, and bright colors.  the popular hat patches are 3”*2” with sew-on backing. You can customize your own size, shape, color and velcro backings for your hats.

Velcro Patches

Velcro patches are the most flexible and durable backing option. hoop and loop patches are easy to peel off and stick to your clothes. it is a kind of popular patch type for uniforms and military personnel. Plastic velcro patches are good for backpacks, name patches, and moral patches.


PVC Morale patches

Personalize your funny moral PVC patches with a large selection of customization options. we make 2D and 3D military patches, with custom sizes, colors, thicknesses, and texts, logos to express a sense of humor and pride. 

Customize silicone velcro morale patches for your Tactical Outfitters now. We promise the best PVC morale patches.

PVC Police Patches

We make reflective pvc police patch, police k9 pvc patch, state patches and police velcro patches for tactical vest

We make police patch sizes in 11*4inch, 10*3inch and custom sizes are welcome. 

Wanna police patch ideas? Please contact us, we will share more police patches ideas for your inspiration.


2D vs. 3D PVC Patches


2D PVC Patches

2D PVC patches are flat, consisting of 2 layers: a raised layer and a recessed layer. 2D PVC patches are cheaper than 3D patches, as the mold fee is cheaper. if your budget is limited and for a small quantity, a 2D design will be fine.


3D PVC patches

Visually, 3D PVC patches have a curved surface, providing a sculpted appearance. it consists of 2-5 layers with the top layer obviously higher than the base layer. 3D PVC patches are expensive but affordable for intricate designs.

Need Help On PVC Patch Design?

Our skilled patch designers, each with an average of 20 years’ experience at your service anytime. they have rich experience in designing all kinds of patches no matter how complicated your design is. Just shoot us your logo or draft, and we will work out accurate artwork quickly. and we offer unlimited corrections to ensure you are satisfied with your design.

Need help on PVC Design

Why Choose Us?

 If you are looking for a PVC patch supplier for your business, you are in the right place. We are professional, and we are concerned about what you concerned about.


We are focused on plastic PVC emblems. we can turn any design into Patches correctly and fast. You do not need to think too much of “what” and “how”, We do not live ont only high-quality products, but also professional services to help you make your dream products. It will be an easy and happy journey with us. 

With advanced equipment and extensive experience. we go ahead of our competitors.

Best Customer Service

Our commitment extends to offering friendly customer service. Whether you’re a wholesaler or new to patches, we treat you with patience and friendliness—no pressure, no pushing, and certainly no cheating. Your journey with us will be easy and enjoyable.

The custom rubber logo patch prices range from $2.25-$0.6 per piece. The price depends on the patch size, the complexity of the logo, the number of colors, the backing and quantity, and the shipping cost.

We make PVC patch sizes, ranging from 0.5 inches to 15 inches that can fit your specific needs. 

Our Patches Patches thicknesses are in 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, even 7mm. 

The military patch fall within the range of 3.5 to 5 inches, while name patches are sized between 2 to 3 inches. Popular flag patches measure 2 by 3 inches, and patches for hats are generally within the 2 to 3-inch range, with a height limit of 2 inches and a width limit of 3 inches.

Any customized size is always welcome.

Making PVC patches needs machines and technics. so making custom PVC patches at home is NOT an easy thing. 

Here is the workflow of making PVC patches. 

Step 1: Making Artwork. 

Professional artwork is a blueprint for making PVC patches. the PVC patches will be produced based on the artwork, so the artwork conveys size, shape, color, layer, and backings correctly.

Step 2: Making Molds 

We use the CNC machine to engrave mold onto steel. the design will be accurately reflected on the mold. and we will polish the mold, the mold will be smooth and clean after highly polishing. 

Step 3:  Blending PVC Powder, Liquid Plasticizer, and Colors

PVC powder, liquid plasticizer, and colors are mixed. The liquid plasticizer is added to give the PVC flexibility, and the PVC liquid is dyed based on the approved artwork. Each color is toned separately.

Step 4: Pour the liquid into the machine *Baking

The liquid PVC is poured into the mold, color by color. After high-temperature baking, the colors solidify, and excess PVC is trimmed off by workers.

Step 5: Working on accessories, and backing. 

During this step, workers process any accessories like keyrings, hoops, loop backings, magnets, and more.

Step 6: QC checking and pack

When everything is done, our QC people will examine the products carefully to pick up the defective ones. and pack them for shipment.

Sew-on backing is the standard and most durable option for rubberized PVC patches. It is suitable for most garments and offers a permanent attachment method, especially ideal for hats and clothes. Sewing is a straightforward process, and our patches feature a recessed stitch gap around the edge, making it easy to sew. 

Iron-on Backing:

Iron-on backing is a quick attachment method. you can attach the patches using iron, and the recommended temperature would be 160 degrees Celsius for 10-15 seconds. You’d better use the iron-on backing patches for soft cotton materials fabrics instead of hard materials. 

Hook and Loop Backing:

Hook and loop backing offer easy peel-and-stick application on clothing. This option allows for convenient and fast changes in the location of velcro patches, making it popular in applications like airsoft patches, tactical patches, and morale patches.

Our standard turnaround is 7-10days for sample; 10-18days for bulk production. If you need the coins in urgent, please talk with our sales before confirming orders. we will fully rush your orders to meet the event. We fully understand the importance of on time delivery.

We have been in the industry for more than 15 years. we cooperate with many trophy wholesalers, brands. we know the good standard quality is. and do 100% quality check before shipment.

We will take pictures and videos for approval before shipping. 

If there is defectives, please take pictures and videos in 7 days when you receive the orders. we will make replacement for you without any excuse.

Thanks for Choosing Pinsfun !

We Deal with Problems Of Customers Positively. Helping Customers Sales Growth Is Our Priority.

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