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We have been manufacturing custom enamel pins for over 15 years, and proudly serve as a Disney Authorized Supplier based in China.

Our capabilities extend to producing a diverse range of custom-made lapel pins in bulk. Our extensive customization options allow you to turn almost any dream pin design into reality.

Our goal is to make personalized lapel pins fast at cheap prices.

funny lapel pins design

Customize Your Lapel Pins: Quick and Simple

Think personalizing a lapel pin is difficult? Think again.

  • Commitment to Quality

As your trusted manufacturer of pins badges, We use premium materials like iron, brass, zinc alloy, and enamel paint, all our lapel pins adhere to the EN71-3 and CA Prop-65 standards, confirming their eco-friendly nature.

  • Plenty Of Customization Options

We produce custom pins in any shape and size. And offers extensive customization options: 21 finishes, 13 backing choices, and over 9 package options, along with 12 upgrade craft selections.

  • Streamlined Design Process

Our process is straightforward: submit your design or idea, specify size and quantity, and leave the rest to us. You do not need to design a lapel pin yourself. Our skilled designers provide complimentary design services, offer unlimited revisions, and you do not pay anything before you approve the artwork.

  • Dependable Customer Support

Partnering with us means efficient communication, cost savings, and reduced hassle. Reach us anytime, 24/7, via email or phone for seamless English-speaking support.

  • 24/7 Online Service

While we operate as a lapel pin manufacturer based in China, our business extends beyond borders. Fluent in English and available 24/7, we ensure seamless communication. Our in-house designers can create artwork within a day of receiving your design, maintaining confidentiality throughout the process.

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We Make All Kinds Of Pins

3D pins are tailored for intricate 3D designs, encompassing logos such as lions, skulls, buildings, eagles, and snakes.

Antique pins showcase a vintage finish, commonly available in antique bronze or silver, perfect for retro fashion statements.

Awards pins commemorate achievements, widely embraced across various organizations.

Backpack pins are popular among women and youth, backpack pins enhance backpack aesthetics, allowing for personalized designs.

Company logo pins display corporate logos, commonly used for employee wear and as corporate gifts. custom logo pins are popular.

Satisfied Clients

Our Satisfied Clients Like You

Over the years, we’ve crafted enamel pins for a diverse clients, including Disney, various organizations, military groups, schools, Etsy sellers, designers, and more. Our products have significantly elevated their brands and business prospects.

Type Of Custom Lapel Pins

Have No Idea of Custom Enamel Pins? We Can Help. We offer a wide range of custom lapel pins, that can fit all occasions and events.


Based on 100PCS, the Average Price Per is $1.09/pc

Minimum Order Quantity

MOQ: 100PCS/Design For new customers, we offer a reduced MOQ of 50 PCS per design to evaluate our quality.

Avg. Turn Around Time

The standard turnaround is 10-15 days. We accept rush orders at no additional fee. Please talk about your in hands date with our sales team to ensure timely delivery and avoid delays

Need Help On Lapel Design?

You do not need to be a pin designer, Let’s help. You just need to upload your draft/ idea/logo to us and tell us about your pin size requirement, and the metal finish you want. We will work out the artwork in 4 hours.

Need Help On Lapel Design

Customization Options

We offer highly polished gold, silver, rose gold, black nickel, painted color, antique bronze, and rainbow colors. you are welcome to customize your own with different metal finishes.

lapel pins plating color options

Butterfly clutch is the standard pin backs, what’s more, we offer deluxe pin backs, safety pin, 3M adhesive, magnet and many more to fit for any occasions.

lapel pins accessory option

Our standard pin package is individual polybagged. Moreover, we offer transparent plastic boxes, paper boxes, tin boxes, velvet bags, velvet bags for different pin usage. You can choose any option based on your budget and needs.

packing option

What Is The Difference Between Hard Enamel Pins And Soft Enamel Pins?

hard enamel pins flat surface

Hard Enamel Pins

Hard enamel pins are standard for top quality, In the fashion accessories industry, you can see hard enamel necklaces, earrings. In the production process, enamel is applied layer by layer, followed by meticulous polishing and plating. This method ensures a surface that is both shiny and impeccably smooth. These pins are well-suited for: A sleek surface finish High-end quality Long-lasting utility

soft enamel pins textured surfacedetail

Soft Enamel Pins

The Soft Enamel Pin has an appealing embossed texture. During production, the plating is done first, followed by the addition of enamel color by color. This technique places the enamel below the metal boundaries, giving these custom soft enamel pins a unique embossed appearance., it is cost-effective Compatibility with intricate design elements.

Upgrade Crafts and Options of Enamel Pins

Add these upgraded options to make your pins looks unique and amazing.

translucent enamel

Translucent Enamel 

It offers the enamel with a transparent look, making your lapel pins look special. There are only 3 specific translucent colors: red. blue and green.



You can add more than 1 rhinestone to your pin design in a specific location to add a distinctive touch. We have many colors and different sizes for your choice.

Glow in the dark enamel pin

Pearl Enamel

it provides a marble effect, to make the enamel paint with a unique texture.

glitter enamel pins

Glitter Enamel 

Wanna have your lapel pins looking sparkling? That’s it. glitter enamel is the first option. We have a lot of different colors of glitter available.

sliding lapel pins

Sliding Lapel Pins

 Sliding pins are composed of 2 or 3 pieces. one piece fixed, the other or other 2 pieces can move left and right or up and down. funny, yes?

glow in the dark lapel pins

Glow In The Dark Lapel Pins

it makes your pin badge visible in the dark.

hinged lapel pins

Hinged Lapel Pins

If you want a lapel pin open and closed like a book, yes. hinge pin fits your needs well, you can customize each side with a different design.

lapel pins with chain

Lapel Pins With Chain

Adding a chain to connect 2 pieces of pins together. adding a unique flavor to your suit.

Why Choose Us For Your Enamel Pins?

Professional and Reliable

As a direct enamel pin factory, we produce a wide range of lapel pins for the market.we do die casting and die struck pins. With an experienced design team and workers averaging over 15 years of expertise, and advanced equipment, we adhere to strict quality standards. ensures meticulous control at every production stage to prevent color inconsistencies and defects. Prior to shipment, we provide photos and videos for your approval and confirm the delivery address to mitigate any errors.

Competitive Pricing

Custom enamel pins need not break the bank. With abundant customization options, we tailor pins to fit your budgetary needs. Feel confident ordering directly from our online lapel pin manufacturer platform.

Prompt Communication

While we operate as a lapel pin manufacturer based in China, our business extends beyond borders. Fluent in English and available 24/7, we ensure seamless communication. Our in-house designers can create artwork within a day of receiving your design, maintaining confidentiality throughout the process.

Custom lapel pins cost is dependable, the factors are size, the complex of pin design, quantity and international shipping cost.

Let’s take 1.5” die struck lapel pins for example, in 4 colors, based on 100PCS. The average price is $1.69-$1.89/pc.

To get an accurate price, please send over your design to get a FREE quote.

Why are lapel pins so expensive?

Let me show you the whole process of how your pins are made.

After learning the process, you will get the answer to the below questions. Here is the fast answer:

Can I make lapel pins at home?

If you’re thinking about metal pins, it’s not feasible to make them at home. This is because the process requires machinery.

Step 1: Set up Mold

First, you need to set up a mold for any custom lapel pins. This applies whether they are die struck pins or die casting pins. We use a CNC machine to engrave your pin design into the steel mold. The mold fee can make up a large part of the cost if you only order a small quantity. The mold fee can range from $50-$100 based on the design. So, if you order just 1 piece, the cost would be at least $50. That’s why we advise you to order 100 pieces or more per design.

Step 2: Die Casting or Die Struck Process

The material of lapel pins are brass, iron and zinc alloy.

Next, we install the mold into the machine and start stamping. The logo gets stamped into an iron or brass strap. This process takes a lot of time and labor because we need to install the machine. We have machines with 5 tones, 10 tones, and 20 tones for different sizes of lapel pins and coins.

Step 3: Cutting

After your badge logo is engraved on the metal strip, we need to cut out the product according to its shape.

Step 4: Deburring & Polish

Deburring and polishing are two production steps. Once the product is formed, we need to smooth the metal edges to avoid injuring your fingers. Then we polish it so that the product edges are very smooth.

Step 5: Weld Accessories

In this step, we weld the pin backs onto the back of the product.

Step 6: Electroplating

Electroplating is a process where gold, silver, or copper metal colors are attached to the product through a chemical anode reaction. After electroplating, your badge will have a gold metal finish or a silver metal finish.

Step 7: Coloring

Paint and enamel colors are added one at a time. Each time, only one color can be added. The colors are liquid, so for paint and enamel, there are gold lines separating each color. After each color is applied, it needs to be baked at a high temperature of 200 degrees Celsius to completely dry and stick to the product. The more colors there are, the longer it takes, and the more expensive the labor. Do you understand now why the number of colors affects the price?

For enamel products, after coloring, polishing is needed, and plating.

Step 8: Quality Inspection, Packaging, and Shipping

Once your product is finished, our quality inspection team will check each product individually to ensure they are flawless. Then we proceed with packaging and shipping.

Alright, your product is ready to be sent out to you.

It needs another step if your pins are with epoxy doming, glitter, and rhinestone.

Our standard turnaround is 7-10days for sample; 10-18days for bulk production. If you need the coins in urgent, please talk with our sales before confirming orders. we will fully rush your orders to meet the event. We fully understand the importance of on time delivery.

We have been in the industry for more than 15 years. we cooperate with many trophy wholesalers, brands. we know the good standard quality is. and do 100% quality check before shipment.

We will take pictures and videos for approval before shipping. 

If there is defectives, please take pictures and videos in 7 days when you receive the orders. we will make replacement for you without any excuse.

Thanks for Choosing Pinsfun !

We Deal with Problems Of Customers Positively. Helping Customers Sales Growth Is Our Priority.

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