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Pinsfun is a professional designer and manufacturer of custom die cast lapel pins based in China.

We can make zinc alloy die cast pins in 2D and 3D design with gold, silver, and antique metal finishes. 

Make you own 3D die casting pins now.

custom military lapel pins

What Is A Die Casting Pin?

Die-casting pins are made of zinc alloy or pewter materials. With intricate details in 2D and 3D logos. It can be any size, any shape. 

Casting is the craft of melting metal into liquid and injects into the mold to make it shape the mold cavity then cooling down and taking out the products. something like DIY ice cream. 

Die-casting pins are good for some 3D designs and custom shapes with cutouts like thistle lapel pins, trident pins, and paratrooper pins.

What Is A Die Casting Pin

We produce all kinds of die casting lapel pins to meet your needs and budgets.

die casting lapel pins

Lapel Pins for men

jesus lapel pins

Designer lapel pins

antique silver lapel pins

Anime Pin Badge

3D die casting lapel pins

3D Eagle Lapel Pins

antique gold shell lapel pin

Antique Gold lapel pin

antique brass lapel pins

3D Name Plate

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