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At Pinsfun, we take pride in providing the finest custom-woven patches online. Our extensive thread color options and up-to-date manufacturing facilities guarantee perfect color matching, ensuring that your ideas are regenerated according to your demand. The tight and sleek weave pattern along with the smooth texture make our custom-woven patches a preferred choice for those who are seeking perfect lettering and intricate details.

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What Is A Woven Patch?

A custom-woven patch is a lightweight patch that is used as an accessory for multiple purposes, providing a perfect balance between style and functionality. The weaving pattern not only represents a brand identity but also contributes to the durability of the patch, ultimately preventing unwanted damage.

We produce all kinds of personalized woven patches to meet your needs and budgets.

  • Custom Design
  • MOQ:200PCS/design
  • Good Quality Assurance
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Brand Woven Patches

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Cartoon Woven Patches

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3D Puff Woven Patches

Customization Options

We provide multiple backing options for you including Iron-on, Velcro, PVC, Hook & Loop, Button Loop, Peel N Stick, Tuxedo Clips, Butterfly Clutch, and unbacked patches.

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You can choose from two edge finishes; a laser-cut edge or a merrow edge. Laser-cut edges provide a sealed and flatter finish while a merrow edge provides a raised finish giving the patch a vintage look.


Merrow border (overlock border):
1/8″ wide border that overlocks the edge of the emblem, preventing fraying. 

Suitable for regular shapes like circles, squares, shields, and more. 

Heat Cut border (hot knife smooth)
Suitable for patches with complex shapes or detailed borders 

Laser Cut border (Smooth cut fabric border).
No stitching on the patch edge.

custom iron on patches border option

To make your woven patch stand out without a classic pattern use the premium thread variety and get a stylish outcome. You can choose any from metallic thread, neon thread, or glow-in-dark thread.

To make your design stand out producing a beautiful impact on a smaller surface choose from our more than 300 color options. Each design is up to 12 thread colors

Custom Woven Patches V/S Custom Embroider Patches

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Custom Woven Patches

  • Custom Woven Patches have a flat surface with a smooth finish, without a raised texture which results in a smooth appearance.
  • They are made by weaving threads together resulting in a lightweight and pliable patch.
  • Custom Woven patches are ideal for designs with small text, intricate details, and application on surfaces where a flat and smooth finish is required like hats, shirts, etc.

  • embroidery patches

    Custom Embroider Patches

  • Custom Embroider Patches have a more traditional and layered appearance with a raised texture as they are made by stitching threads together.
  • They can be thicker with a stiff feel because of layered stitching.
  • Custom Woven patches are commonly used on items that require a traditional appearance like Jackets etc.

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    Need Help On Designing a Woven Patch?

    We offer a seamless process for designing your custom woven patches. Our team of experienced designers works closely with you to bring your vision to life. Whether you have a specific logo, artwork, or design concept in mind, we can transform it into a stunning woven patch that represents your brand or personal style.

    How Are They Applied to hats/ clothes?

    Applying our woven patches to hats or clothes is a breeze. We offer various attachment methods to suit your needs:

    Sew-on: Our patches come with a border that allows for easy sewing onto fabric. Simply stitch the patches onto your hats or clothes using a needle and thread for a secure and long-lasting attachment.

    Iron-on: For a hassle-free application, our patches can be customized with an iron-on backing. Just place the patch on the desired location, apply heat with an iron or heat press, and the adhesive backing will securely attach the patch to the fabric.

    Adhesive: If you prefer a temporary attachment option, we also provide adhesive-backed patches. Simply peel off the protective backing and stick the patch onto your hats or clothes. This method is ideal for temporary or non-washable items.

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    Why Choose Us For Your Woven Patches?

    Quality Guaranteed

    Our patches are crafted using high-quality material as we know that they are not just embellishments but are symbols of your identity. With 15 years of experience and all the modern equipment, we ensure that your woven patches are made with precision and care so that even smaller details are readable and the colors accurately represent your vision. We provide budget-friendly quality products using fade-resistant threads to not only make patches look pretty but also stand the test of time.

    Limitless Customization

    We provide you with multiple shape and size options ranging from 1.5” to 11”. With endless possibilities, you can display your personality, represent a brand, or commemorate an event.

    24/7 Customer Service

    Our team is readily available for clear and open communication with you. They will address your queries, provide updates on orders, and ensure that you are informed about every step. They will help you out with any reorder information.

    Our woven patches are crafted with precision and attention to detail. We use high-quality threads that are intricately woven together to create a durable and visually appealing patch. The woven technique allows for fine details, sharp lines, and vibrant colors, ensuring that your patches are of the highest quality and represent your brand accurately.

    Yes, it adheres to most of the fabrics and can handle most washing machines and dryers.

    Yes, Pinsfun uses fade-resistant threads and advanced weaving techniques to prevent color fading ensuring your patches maintain their vibrancy even after repeated use.

    Custom woven patches are used for multiple purposes including business branding, as an identity for a sports team or a club, and for military, law, and other service industry uniforms. In addition to all this the custom woven patches are also used for decoration or personalization for clothing, bags, hats, and other accessories. 

    People also buy these for gifting purposes and to keep them as collectibles or memorabilia for events, concerts, or special occasions.

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