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Pinsfun is a professional manufacturer of custom die-cut pins based in China.

We use quality iron and brass materials to make stamped logo pins.

Make your die-struck pin badge at a cheap price. Rush order accepted.

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What Is A Die Struck Pin?

Die-struck pins are small metal pins with 2D engraved logos, including raised and recessed areas. No color painted. Custom die-struck lapel pins can be plated with polished gold, silver, and copper metal finishes. as well as antique colors.

The craft is different from photo-etched enamel pins. Photo-etched pins use the craft of chemical etching transforming the designs onto stainless steel or brass. 

It is usually used in appreciation pins, collar pins.

We make pins at any shape, any size.

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Die Casting VS Die Struck Pins

Die-Casting Method

Die Casting Process

  • The die casting method involves using high-pressure machinery to inject molten zinc alloy into molds at high temperatures. Once the zinc alloy solidifies, it forms the shape of challenge coins.

  • The material used for die casting is zinc alloy.

  • Die casting is suitable for intricate 2D and 3D designs

  • Small Business Pins

    Die Struck Process

  • Die striking is a technique that employs high-pressure mechanical equipment, with molds affixed to machines, to imprint designs onto metal strips using punches.

  • The materials utilized include iron, bronze, and red copper.

  • This method is ideal for simple 2D coin designs in regular shape, such like round, rectangle, shield. NO cut out. and can produce coins ranging in size from 0.5" to 2.5".

  • Guidelines On Die Struck Pin Design?

    Making the art is easy, just make the logo outline be raised lines. and the line thickness can be thin and bold.

    Do you need help on design? Please send over your design to us, our experienced designer will work out the mock-up in 0.5 days.

    It is FREE.

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