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Pinsfun is a professional manufacturer of custom pewter pins based in China.

We can customize any unique designs like cat, shoe, angel, fish,  pineapple, lamp, horseshoe crab, and many more designs. Any size and any shape.

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What Is A Pewter Pin?

Pewter pins are made of pewter. The material is eco-friendly. Pewter pin badges often with vintage finishes, such as antique silver, but not limited to it. it can be plated with shiny gold, silver, copper and other metal colors.

Because the material is soft. so it is easy to make into any shape. Custom Pewter pin badges are suitable for art sculptures, and animals, and 3D pin badges for hats. 


what is a Pewter pin


100 custom pins from $4.59 each.

Minimum Order Quantity

We recommend MOQ: 100 PCS/ design

Avg. Turn Around Time

10-15days for production, 5-7days for delivery. Need it sooner? Contact us

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