Army Patches: What They Represent?

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When we see military uniforms, they often have different army patches. Have you ever wondered what these patches represent? In this article, we will explore the different military patches on uniforms and their meanings. This way, when you see them, you can quickly identify their department and status.

Army Patches: What Do They Represent?

INSIGNIAS Branch Patches


Insignias patches represent military ranks, levels, or functional departments. They are symbols of identity and responsibility. At the same time, these patches can quickly help you determine the person’s role.
Insignias patches are categorized into: Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Space Force, Coast Guard. Each department has a different logo. Through these patches, you can determine which department the soldier wearing the patch belongs to.

The position of INSIGNIAS PATCHES is mainly on the left chest, roughly at the position of the left chest pocket.

Name Patches

army uniform patches meanings-banner

NAME PATCHES, also known as name tags. As a soldier, your name will be attached to your uniform, which is a matter of honor. Usually, they are Velcro name tags.
No matter which department the soldier is in, everyone will have their own name tag. It is usually located on the right chest of the uniform. Different departments have different name tag backgrounds.
The standard size of the name tag is 4 1/2” long and 1″ wide, with an olive green camouflage cloth strip as the background.
The height and position of the name tag should be symmetrical to the INSIGNIAS PATCHES on the left.


Unit Patches & Combat Patches


Unit patches represent the branch name that the soldier is currently engaged in. The position of the unit patch is on the upper left arm of the uniform, below the duty tab. The unit patch is an important part of the uniform.

On the upper right arm is the combat patches, which represent the unit where the soldier is currently serving in the combat area.



RANK PATCHES are symbols of military rank. The patterns of RANK INSIGNIAS PATCHES include V bars, bars, shields with V shapes, oak leaves, and stars. The number of chevrons also varies, the more chevrons, the higher the military rank.

If you want to see what different shapes and colors represent the rank, please check this article: U.S. Military Rank Insignia

The position of RANK INSIGNIAS PATCHES is usually on the shoulder of the uniform (middle of the sleeve) or the collar.

rank patch

United States Flags PATCHES

United States Flags PATCHES

The American flag patch is a badge that all American soldiers must wear. It is a belief, symbolizing the soldier’s firm patriotism and their faith in dying for the country. The American flag must be worn above the combat patch.
If you want to know how to wear the American flag badge, please read this article How To Wear American Flag Patches The Right Way?

Skill Tab patches

Skill patches represent the skills you have. The position of the skill patch is above the unit patches on the left arm.

Service bars

Service bars are on the left cuff.


In essence, Army patches are not merely pieces of cloth; they encapsulate the stories, experiences, and dedication of the men and women who proudly wear them.

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