How To Wear American Flag Patches The Right Way?

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The American flag patch is a symbol of the United States. So, how should we wear the American flag patch the right way? In this article, let’s talk about how to wear the flag patches and where to wear it?

How To Wear American Flag Patches?

It is NOT hard. We can follow a few etiquette when wearing the flag patches.

rules of wearing American Flag Patches

1. Wearing It In Correct Direction

When wearing the flag patch, we must follow the correct direction of American flag. This shows our respect for the flag. The correct way to wear it is: the side with the blue stars should be on the upper left. The red and white stripes are on the right. Don’t wear the flag upside-down to be different, this is a disrespectful attitude towards the flag.

2. Patches Position

The flag is a symbol of a country. As a patriotic person, are you thinking of your great homeland? Therefore, in daily life, if we want to wear a flag patch, you should place the flag on the left chest. so your country is always in your heart.

3. Always Respect and Etiquette

Always maintain respect for the flag patch, the flag represents your country. So any behavior that tramples or damages the patch cannot be done, we must always respect the country.

4. No Alteration

Flag patches cannot be modified, color changed, covered, or marked.


Where Can We Wear The American Flag Patches?

Where To Wear The American Flag Patches

1. Uniforms and Work Clothes

In many organizations and institutions, there are specific regulations to guide the wearing of flag patches. Especially in the military and law enforcement agencies, the position and method of flag patches are usually strictly regulated to ensure respect and consistency. Therefore, if you wear a flag patch on a uniform or work clothes, it is best to follow the related guidelines.

In the police department, fire department, army and other government departments, employees are required to wear emblems on their uniforms, and each department has relevant regulations. The American flag patch should be on right sleeve or left sleeve. If the viewer is on the left, then the patch should be on the left sleeve, on the other hand, if the viewer is on the right, then American flag on right sleeve.

2. Informal Occasions

In daily life, there are proper ways to display American flag on clothing.  You can use it on clothes, backpacks, hats, sportswear and T-shirts. There are no specific rules about where it must be placed. You can wear it to show your patriotism anytime anywhere, Especially when participating in sports activities, speeches, etc.,

Just Remember to wear it in the correct direction of the flag to show respect for the country. Do not mark, draw, or stick other labels on the flag.

Moreover, you can place the flag patches in your makeup bag, luggage bag and laptop, and more you want. If you do not have flag patches, flag pin is a good alternative.

Army Patches: What They Represent?

Do you know how to wear a flag patch now?

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