Top 10 Enamel Pin Display Ideas

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Have you collected a lot of pins but are unsure how to display them? Based on our customer feedback and market research, we’ve compiled the following 10 popular pin display methods. I believe one will satisfy your needs. Let’s get started.


Top 10 Enamel Pin Display Ideas To  Showcase your Pin Collection

1. Pin Display Cork Board

Pin Display cork Board

Cork boards are an excellent way to display lapel pins, allowing you to showcase many at once. They’re easy to look at and take down, and the pins adhere well to the board and don’t easily fall off. If you’re a pin enthusiast, you won’t want to miss this pin display method. You can use the pins or arrange them in various styles, and then use a cork board with pins to decorate your walls, showcasing your personality.

There are also various shapes of cork boards on the market, such as the star shape and moon shape, which you can check out on Amazon and Etsy.

Some pin enthusiasts might worry that over time, the pins will accumulate dust. However, this is an easy problem to solve. You can use a cloth or a chicken feather duster to brush off the dust. This method won’t harm the pins, as our pins are made from high-temperature baking. They won’t fade or rust.

2. Pin Display Banner

Pin Display Banner

Banners are another great way to display pins. They are made of canvas, durable and of good quality, and can accommodate many pins. They can be hung in your living room or office as a decoration. Many people who use banners have found that the 10.5×20.5 inch size is very suitable.

The biggest advantage of banners is that they are suitable for various pin accessories, not just butterfly clutches, but also magnetic pins, safety pins, etc. Basically, all your pins can be displayed. And they can be moved at any time, wherever you want to hang them.

Using canvas, it will get dirty over time. You can take off the pins and put the banner in water with some laundry soap to wash it. It’s very easy to clean, and after washing, you can iron it flat and continue to use it.

3. Jackets OR Jeans

Enamel Pin Display on Jackets

Pins can be pinned to jackets or jeans for display. Sounds cool, right? You just need to find an old piece of clothing. Pin the pins on the clothing and then pin the clothing on the wall. This method is used by many brand clothing stores to decorate their stores and is very popular among young people.

4. Shadow Box

Shadow box

If you’re worried about dust accumulating on the pins, then the shadow box is your first choice. It’s a good way to store and display pins. It’s a wooden box with an acrylic lid (note that this is not a glass lid. Compared to glass, acrylic is lighter), similar to a photo frame. You can put your favorite and valuable pins inside, such as Disney pins, Universal pins. The shadow box can be hung on the wall, and you only need to open the lid to pin or remove pins without having to take the shadow box down.

The advantage of displaying valuable pins in the shadow box is that the entire box space is quite large. For example, if you have some very thick pins, you can easily put them inside.
When you use it, it’s best to keep it in a shady place to avoid direct sunlight, prevent the wooden frame from fading, and prevent the acrylic lid from yellowing.

5. Enamel Pin Frame

Enamel Pin Frame

Pin frames are the same as our photo frames. You can put your favorite pins in the frame and put it on your desk.
The advantage of the frame is that you can display your favorite pins separately.

6. Pin Brochures

Pin Brochures

If you don’t want the large body display methods mentioned earlier, then the pin brochures are your best choice. They are made of felt and look like a book, and you can pin the pins on each page. Whether you’re traveling or going out with friends, it can be carried with you. Isn’t it super cool?

You can even carry pins on planes. Pins are not dangerous goods. When you go through security checks, put the pins in the security check box and accept the inspection, just like your phone and notebook computer.


7. Embroidery Hoop Art

Embroidery Hoop Art

Embroidery hoops are a very good way

to display your pins. They are like works of art. Embroidery hoops are very tight, they won’t wrinkle, and your pins can be displayed as completely as embroidery.


8. Acrylic Display Case

Acrylic Display case

Acrylic display cases are also a good choice. We see many toys displayed in this way in toy stores. This method can fully display the pins and keep them away from dust.
The only drawback of this method is that each box has a fixed size, and if you have pins of larger sizes, it might be difficult to fit them in.


9. Enamel Pin Display Bag

Enamel pin display bag

There is a bag that can display your pin

s. This is a walking pin display stand. This bag has a transparent window in front, and you can pin your pins on the bag and display them through this transparent film.

There are many different styles of this bag, and you can search for “Enamel pin display bag” on Amazon to see if there are styles you like.


10. Display Stand

Display Stand

This transparent display stand, made of very thin transparent film, makes your pins look like they are floating.

There are many other ways to display pins. If you don’t want to spend money to buy them, you can use your jewelry box to display them.

After reading this article, have you found a method that suits your needs? If you have better ideas, feel free to leave a comment.

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