How Custom motel keychains Help your Hotel Marketing-2023

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How Custom motel keychains Help your Hotel Marketing-2023

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If you have just started your hotel or have great competition in your area and despite having the best service, luxury rooms, and tasty foods, you are having difficulty getting guests & make profits do not worry. You just need a lot of marketing, which we will tell you. But before that, did you know that;

“Hotel & Motel is one of the most profitable businesses. It is estimated there are 700,000 hotels & resorts Worldwide (an actual figure is much more ), and they are worth more than $570,000 million.”


1) What are The Advantages of using Custom Hotel Keychains?

Hotel Keychains with your Logo, Name and other specifications written will have many benefits over random keychains, such as;

i) Custom plastic Keychains, make your work Easy: Let’s say you have your own unique room numbers, then it will be very hard to find the corresponding Room keychains from the local market. However, you can always make Custom Room Keychains with any room numbers or special text written on them, which will help you give neatly finished room keychains to all customers without any mistakes.

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ii) Impress your Customers: If you give your customers Custom Room Keyrings with your logo & name, along with the room number written, then it will leave an impression on customers that you like to spend on service, and it will separate you from all other cheap competitor hotels.

iii) Give Away Gifts makes an Emotional attachment: Everybody likes Gifts because getting free items feels like a Reward which causes deep emotional bonding. Giving Custom Keychains as gifts to your regular customer ensures they will always remember you and come back to you.

iv) Custom Keychains Gifts, Helps in Marketing: If you give a Custom Motel Keychain, Customers will probably put them in their Home or Car Keys. A person gets his keys everywhere, so everybody, like his friends, family, strangers, office workers, etc., will see your Motel keychain and ask about it. In this way, you will probably get a lot of marketing, and everybody who sees your motel keychain will come to you because they have got your name, address, & contact information from a friend that makes you trustworthy.


2) How to make Custom Motel Keychains?

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Making your own Brand Name Room keyrings or Give away gifts Keychains is not that hard; just follow the below 3-step process;

a) Step 1: Search for Right Keychains Shapes
b) Step 2: Find a Manufacturer for Free Designing
c) Step 3: Tell about Keychain Specifications & Yourself

a) Step 1: Search for Right Keychains Shapes

A lot of unique and stylish keychain Shapes can be found on the internet, and choose the ones which amaze you the most.

If you like somebody else designs, like from another big hotel or your friend’s keychain, then you can also make it, but always take a picture to show it to your manufacturer.

b) Step 2: Find a Manufacturer for Free Designing

Making a Custom Keychain design with your name, address & other details needs advanced software and professional-level skills, which not everybody has.

Fortunately, Every manufacturer has a design department, and they will do all the hard work for you. You can ask them for any number of digital designs you want. But it is important to note that they will have design fees unless your order is very big.

c) Step 3: Tell about Keychain Specifications & Yourself

Now, after finding a manufacturer, its time to tell them what kind of keychain you want, for example;

●Engraving Method

After that, inform the seller about the Custom Hotel modification you want, like;

➢Your Hotel Brand Name & Logo
➢Writing Style
➢Address ( if needed )
➢Room Numbers ( if needed )
➢Contact Information ( if needed )

custom shape hotel keychain

3) How do You Order Custom Keychains for Your Hotel?

Well, you may be thinking that you may order custom keychains from Peddlers or from an agent within your city. Yes, you can, but there are two problems here;

i) They do not manufacture keychains; they buy from others, so you have to pay additional charges.

ii) They do not have many customization options; Limited Logo Designs, Colors, Materials, etc.

So, to get the best quality, we suggest you look online for manufacturers who can make you your desired keychain shape & logo design in any material you want. Plus, these manufacturers sell their products at wholesale prices, and you will get a lot of discounts.


1. What Materials are available in Custom Hotel Keychains?

If you search the internet and see other people’s hotel keychains samples, then you will probably find them in the following 6 materials;

●Cloth / Fluff


2. Can You Add Photos to Custom Keychains?

Yes, you can add any picture you want in the custom keychains, like your own photo, your hotel, etc. But of course, adding a special photo will also add extra costs.


3. How much do Custom Hotel Keychains Cost?

The price of Custom Hotel Keychains primarily depends on the material. For example, Plastic keychains are easy to produce and the cheapest. Metal Keychains are the costliest, but they also give the best look due to their luster & shine. Finally, Wood, Leather & Cloth’s keychains are medium in price.

The average price of custom Hotel Keychains can lie anywhere around $0.20 ~ $7. Please be aware this is the bulk price without shipping charges

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