How To Keep Pins From Falling Off

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In our daily lives, have you ever encountered the situation where your badges fall off? In this article, we will discuss how to prevent enamel pins from falling off from your backpack or how to prevent badges from falling off from your clothes.

How To Keep Pins From Falling Off?

First, let’s discuss why lapel pins fall off. The main reason is that the pin’s accessories are not tightly fitted or the accessories have loosened. Therefore, the enamel pins fall off from the clothes. Knowing this reason, let’s discuss what causes the badge’s accessories to loosen. We will discuss the types of badge accessories and their application scenarios and corresponding solutions.

pin backs

1. Pin & Butterfly Clutch.
2. Magnet.
3. Rubber Plastic Cap.
4. Safety Pin.
5. 3M adhesive.

Now, let’s discuss these very common badge accessories one by one.

First, the 1st type- Pin & Butterfly Clutch.

pliers to tighten the butterfly clutch

Our most commonly used accessories are safety pins and butterfly clips. They are most suitable for use on backpacks and clothes. If this type of accessory falls off, it’s because the butterfly clip has loosened. If we encounter this situation, how do we solve it? We can use a pair of pliers to slightly tighten the position where the butterfly clip is attached to the badge. In this way, when we wear the badge, it will not fall off.

The 2nd type of badge is a magnet

Well, actually, the range of application of the magnet is not as broad as that of the safety pin and the butterfly clip. This is because the magnet has to consider a magnetic force and the use scenario. In general, our badges are worn on backpacks or clothes. So at this time, it is not suitable to use a magnet. Because these clothes and backpacks, we usually move during our normal activities. The magnet’s magnetic force is not strong, it will be easy to fall off.

Magnet accessories are suitable for some relatively fixed places, such as on the fridge, on the wall, or in the collection display box.

Another situation is our name tags, which are located on the left chest. At this time, three strong magnets are commonly used on our uniform. If the badge falls off when using the magnet, it means the badge has lost its magnetic force. At this time, we only need to replace the magnet.

The 3rd type is a black plastic cap

This type of accessory rarely falls off. Why? Because the common plastic cap we purchase has a relatively small hole, so the pin can be tightened very well. In this case, it rarely happens. If the plastic cap loosens, just replace it with a new one.

The 4th type is a safety pin

If it falls off, it’s because the pin is broken or the other safety lock is not locked properly.

If the pin is broken, then this pin is no longer usable, as there may be no way to replace the accessory.

If safety lock is not locked properly, you just need to lock it well.

The 5th type is 3M adhesive

This type of accessory is rarely used in badges. 3M adhesive is suitable for badges as a decorative item. For example, badges can be used to decorate the wall or glass windows. In this case, we use 3M adhesive for decoration. We usually do not move or remove it, and it can be used for several years in normal conditions. If it falls off after several years of use, the method is relatively simple. You just need to buy a 3M adhesive and stick it along the product’s shape. Stick it on the product’s back and stick it back to the previous position.

That’s how to prevent badges from falling off. Have you learned it?

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