How To Choose Proper Lapel Pin Backings?

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How To Choose Proper Lapel Pin Backings?

different lapel pins backings
different lapel pins backings

A lapel pin can pick up your look at several points. But there is always a dilemma of which one to choose for your attire. One way to go about picking the best lapel pin is by selecting the right kind of lapel pin backing for your outfit.

There are several different forms of lapel pin backs. The kind of lapel pin backs you should go for depends on the type of clothes you are wearing. If you want to know more about lapel pin backs, here is a guide for you. Let’s begin!

Different Lapel Pin Backs Options

Lapel pin backs mostly exist in metal, plastic, or rubber. These backings are also called clutches. Clutches come in a few different shapes. Rubber ones are popular for their wide choice of color options, while metal ones look more elegant. Below are the few options you can go for when it comes to lapel pin backs.

Butterfly Clutch

Butterfly clutches are the most common type of pin closure. They come in two parts. A long stick, similar to a nail, and a circular part. The nail is to be attached to the pin’s back and then pushed through the material you want to fasten the pin to.

While this fastener is popular, there are a few issues with it. It can lose its grip over time. If it is not put on properly, it will soon weaken. Plus, it is hard for some people to attach it, and they are not very reliable in terms of attachment.


Magnetic fasteners are another popular type of lapel pin back. One standout benefit for them is that they won’t damage your clothes like a nail in a clutch would. You can use two-piece magnets where one is attached to the back of the pin, and the other is fastened to the inside of the material you are sticking it to.

Bar magnets are stronger and will withhold more movement. Try to use a textured magnet as smooth ones might slide down sometimes.

Safety Pin

Since the safety pin closures are easier to put on for most people, these are often used on one-time occasions for stuff like name tags. Safety pins are not as strong as clutches, and they can easily unlatch, especially when there is a lot of motion.

These look like typical safety pins, and you can attach them in several ways.

3M Adhesive

3M adhesives are double-sided and one of the strongest lapel pin backs. They are great for when you expect a lot of movement. They are easy to put on as well. Be careful, as some of the adhesives might be permanent.

How To Choose The Proper Lapel Pin Backings?

Aesthetics play a big part in choosing lapel pin closures. However, there are some other factors you should consider too.

The event is important to consider. If you are wearing the pin to a luxe event, you might want to go for the butterfly clutch or another metal one, as they look elegant.

Another factor is the level of movement. For example, events with more activity will be better with adhesive so they won’t fall off. More expensive clothes go well with magnets which won’t damage them. So, the fabric is a central consideration too.

For mass usage, you can go for safety pins as everyone can put them on easily.


There are more options for lapel pin fasteners. But you will have to choose according to your situation. The three important considerations are – who will wear them, where you will wear them, and on what fabric.

What is your most-worn lapel pin back?

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