What are Iron On Patches & How to use them?

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What are Iron On Patches & How to use them?

It is estimated that 100 ~ 150 billion pieces of Garments are produced yearly. And do you wonder how much it is worth? According to a report, the World fashion industry is worth $1700 billion.

About 80 billion garments are thrown out every year, and they end up in a dump because they get dirty spots, torn apart, and discolored. That’s a loss of many hundreds of billions of dollars. But with the help of Patches, many useable clothes can be saved, and there is no need to buy new costly clothes unnecessarily.

If you are to know about Iron-On Patches, their types, advantages, & how to attach them to your clothes, then you have come to the right place. Keep reading if you want to become a pro in Iron-On Patches.

Iron-On Badges for Custom Uniforms

1) What are Iron on Patches, and How Do They Work?

“A Patch can be any piece of cloth that can be placed on the damaged area. And if it has Glue already integrated at its back, then it is called an Iron-On Patch.”

The Working Principle of Iron-on Patches is very simple. When you place an Iron-On Patch on the piece of Cloth and put a heated Iron on it, the glue will melt and get attached to the garment.


2) What are the Various Types of Iron-On Patches?

  • embroidery patches
  • Chenille patches
  • PVC patches
  • leather Patches

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