How to Wear a Lapel Pin – The Complete Guide

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Are you wondering how to wear a lapel pin? This article will guide you through choosing the right style and occasion, how to use different lapel pin accessories, and how to wear lapel pins on different types of clothing.

After reading this article, whether you are in your daily work or in special occasions, you can confidently choose and wear a lapel pin, let’s get started.

Why Wear a Lapel Pin

I. Choosing the Right Lapel Pin

Style of the Lapel Pin

If you are wearing a lapel pin for the first time, I suggest starting with a simple and classic design. These types of lapel pins are usually designed simply, just a simple metal color, not only convenient to wear, but also easy to match with various outfits.

Consider the Occasion

When choosing a lapel pin, it’s best to match the event you are attending. At some formal occasions, like weddings or evening parties, it’s suitable to use more delicate floral lapel pins or metal embroidered lapel pins. At daily gatherings or casual occasions, you can choose more personalized designs, such as cartoon pins or flower pins of enamel pins.

Different Type of Lapel Pins

Coordinate with Other Accessories

When you choose a lapel pin, you also need to consider how it matches with your other accessories. If you are wearing a silver watch and cufflinks, then a silver lapel pin will be the best choice. The key is to keep all accessories in the same metal tone, so the overall look will be harmonious.


II. How to Wear Lapel Pins With Different Accessories?

Butterfly Clutches

This is the most common lapel pin accessory, the back is a short thin needle, and a butterfly clasp. The use is very simple, stick the needle through your clothes or tie, and then stick the butterfly clasp on the back.

Long Brooch

Long Brooch

This is a traditional lapel pin accessory. You only need to stick the long needle into your suit, and then screw the cap at the bottom of the needle. At this time, you can slightly insert it.

Safety Pin

Similar to the above 2 accessories, it is to stick the needle through the clothes, and then stick the safety pin.


When using a magnet accessory, you need to pay attention to the magnetic issue. If your clothes are too thick, there is a risk of the lapel pin falling off. If your clothes are a blouse or a precious silk, you can consider using a magnet accessory. But also pay attention to avoid falling off.

How To Keep Pins From Falling Off

III. How to Wear a Lapel Pin on a Shirt?

When we wear a lapel pin on a shirt, if you are wearing a tie, you can wear the lapel pin on the tie, if not, stick it on the shirt, on the left chest.

IV. How Do Women Wear a Lapel Pin?

A lapel pin is a piece of jewelry for women. There are many places for women to wear lapel pins, such as on the collar, on the left chest of the clothes, on the scarf, etc. The lapel pin on the collar is usually to make the shirt look more personal. On the left or right collar, the lapel pin can be worn on either side. If the lapel pin is used on the scarf, it is usually to fix the scarf, there is no special position requirement.

V. How to Wear a Lapel Pin on a Blazer?

Wear a Lapel Pin on a Blazer

Men usually wear lapel pins on the left chest pocket (scarf position), you need to stick the back of the lapel pin into the suit or lapel, and then stick the accessory.

VI. How to Wear a Lapel Pin on a Tie?

When we stick the lapel pin on the tie, we usually choose the middle position of the tie (not too high, not too low), roughly align with the left pocket position, if your suit has no pockets, then choose the height of the left chest. The needle goes through the tie, stick the shirt together, do not only stick through the tie.

Note: The color of your lapel pin should match the color of the tie. This combination looks more sophisticated. For example, if your tie is blue, you can choose a lapel pin with a blue pattern, if there is no blue lapel pin, then a simple silver lapel pin is enough. When attending some formal occasions, try to choose simple colored lapel pins to avoid color conflicts.


VII. Professional and Business Lapel Pins

Business Image:

A lapel pin is a small accessory, but it can help us establish a business image. If you are a government employee, you can wear the national flag lapel pin. If you are a traditional profession, you can choose accessories related to your industry or the logo of the services you provide, in general, keep it simple. If you are a creative worker, you can choose some vividly colored or uniquely designed lapel pins to match your clothes and work environment.

Number of Accessories:

Usually, when we wear lapel pins, we follow the principle of less is more, one is enough, too many lapel pins look messy and do not attract people’s attention.

VIII. Conclusion

Have you understood how to wear a lapel pin after reading this article? Go ahead and show your style!


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